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assembly: Peachpie.Runtime.dll

Context maintains the PHP application's state. It is usually associated with a single web request, a thread or a console application. In short, the context remembers the declared types and functions, global variables, 'static' locals, static properties, so-far included scripts and options.

It is important to note that the context instance is required by the compiled PHP routines and by class constructors. Additionally library functions may require the context instance in order to work properly.


A new instance of Context is created in two ways:

  • Implicitly by the framework: The appropriate context is created for a web application during its request handling routine. Its instance is then passed to PHP routines and to handlers during the request life cycle implicitly.

  • Explicitly by instantiating it: It is possible to create an instance of a default context and use it in order to drive a custom PHP application's state.

  • Context.CreateEmpty() creates a new CLI context, without an output stream being specified. It is important to set newly created context's Context.WorkingDirectory and Context.RootPath properties.

  • Context.CreateConsole(main) create a new CLI content with the output redirected to the applications console and $_SERVER variables to be initialized according to main argument.

  • HttpContextExtension.GetOrCreateContext(HttpContext) creates a web context from the given Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.HttpContext instance. You need to add a reference to package Peachpie.AspNetCore.Web.


Method Summary
AddScriptReference(Assembly) Loads declarations from given compiled assembly. (app static)
Call(string, PhpValue[] args) : PhpValue Dynamically invokes a function declared within the current context.
Create(string, PhpValue[] args) : object Dynamically instantiates a class declared within the current context.
DeclareFunction(string, Delegate) Dynamically declares a global function within the current context.
DeclareScript(string, MainDelegate) Adds or overwrites a script descriptor by its relative file path. (app static)
DeclareType<T>() Dynamically declares a CLR type into the current context.
DefineConstant(string, PhpValue) Defines a global constant within the current context.
GetDeclaredFunctions() : IEnumerable<RoutineInfo> Enumerates global functions declared within the current context.
GetDeclaredType(string) : PhpTypeInfo Gets type descriptor representing a type declared within the current context. Optionally performs autoload process if necessary.
GetDeclaredTypes() : IEnumerable<PhpTypeInfo> Enumerates types declared within the current context.
GetIncludedScripts() : IEnumerable<ScriptInfo> Enumerates script descriptors representing script files that were included within the current context.
TryGetConstant(string, out PhpValue) : bool Gets a global constant value defined within the current context.
Dispose() Ends the life cycle of the context and disposes associated resources.

Helper methods#

In case of an ASP.NET Core application, the instance can be obtained using a helper method: GetOrCreateContext(this HttpContext) : Context


Property Summary
RootPath : string An absolute directory path representing the root of all the scripts. Full script paths are resolved as a combination of this path and relative script path.
StringEncoding : Encoding The encoding used to perform encoding and decoding between byte[] and string. Used for scripts output (echo), and internal string encoding. Default and recommended value is UTF-8.
HttpPhpContext : IHttpPhpContext Gets instance of an interface providing web application APIs. Gets null reference for non-web applications.
Output : TextWriter Gets the output stream used for echo and other output routines.
Globals : PhpArray Gets or sets an array representing PHP's $GLOBALS.
Server : PhpArray Gets or sets an array representing PHP's $_SERVER.
Session : PhpArray Gets or sets an array representing PHP's $_SESSION.
Cookie : PhpArray Gets or sets an array representing PHP's $_COOKIE.
Get : PhpArray Gets or sets an array representing PHP's $_GET.
Post : PhpArray Gets or sets an array representing PHP's $_POST.
Request : PhpArray Gets or sets an array representing PHP's $_REQUEST.


The Context class is not thread safe. It is intended to be used within a single ExecutionContext.