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Development Environments#

The PeachPie project primarily focuses on the compiler, runtime and libraries. Developers must choose from the available .NET tools.


The standard dotnet command and .NET tools are available. You can build, run, publish, profile, pack, etc. Please see dotnet command for details or our get started page.

Visual Studio Code#

Features: Code editor, Diagnostics, Debugging, Build

Additional support in VS Code is provided through the PeachPie for Visual Studio Code extension.

Microsoft Visual Studio#

Features: Code editor, Diagnostics, Profiling, Debugging, Build

Visual Studio 2017 and newer (15.6 and later) supports opening the project files and editing PHP files, so you don't actually need any extension to be able to work with PeachPie.

For additional features, project templates and more, install PeachPie Visual Studio Extension.

JetBrains Rider#

Rider supports editing PHP files and opening project files. You'll be able to build the project; however, breakpoints and stepping through the code are not supported for custom languages yet as of December 2019.