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assembly: Peachpie.Runtime.dll
implements: IList, IList<PhpValue>, IEnumerable<PhpValue>, IDictionary, IDictionary<IntStringKey, PhpValue>, IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<IntStringKey, PhpValue>>, IPhpConvertible, IPhpArray, IPhpComparable, IPhpEnumerable

Represents an ordered dictionary used as PHP's array type.


// creates new array and initializes it with entries
var phparray = new PhpArray(5) {
    {"value", true},
    {"point", new PhpArray { {"x", 1 }, {"y", 2} } },
    {"name", "John Smith"},
    {"weight", 168.5},
    {"dob", "10/12/1991"},
// fast allocation-less enumeration of array entries
// no using() or try/catch needed
var e = phparray.GetFastEnumerator();
while (e.MoveNext()) {
    // e.CurrentKey, e.CurrentValue


Constructor Summary
.ctor() Creates a new array object with no entries.
.ctor(int) Creates a new array object with an initial capacity.
.ctor(IEnumerable) Creates a new array object and initializes it with values from given enumeration.


Property Summary
Count Gets the number of items in the array.


Method Summary
GetValues() : PhpValue[] Most efficient way of copying contained values (without keys) into a new array. Order of values is preserved.
Add(key, value) Adds an entry to the end of the array. If the given key already exists, the existing entry is overwritten.
RemoveKey(key) Removes an entry from the array by its key.
[key] : PhpValue Gets or sets a value at specified key.
GetFastEnumerator() Gets lightweight enumerator object (as struct) to be used for allocation-less enumeration of the array.


PhpArray is used by runtime as an internal type for values of type array, unoptimized local variables, global variables and class's runtime properties.