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assembly: Peachpie.Runtime.dll

Represents reflection information for types: class types, interface types or trait types.

Retrieving a PhpTypeInfo object#

The type information is populated lazily when it is needed by the runtime. Get or create the instance of PhpTypeInfo using one of the following extension methods:

  • PhpTypeInfoExtension.GetPhpTypeInfo<T>()
  • PhpTypeInfoExtension.GetPhpTypeInfo(this Type type)
  • PhpTypeInfoExtension.GetPhpTypeInfo(this RuntimeTypeHandle handle)
  • PhpTypeInfoExtension.GetPhpTypeInfo(this object instance)
  • Context.GetDeclaredTypes() retrieves a list of all available types declared within Context.


Property Description
IsUserType Gets the value indicating that the type is declared in the user's code.
IsInterface Gets the value indicating that the type is an interface.
IsTrait Gets the value indicating that the type is a trait.
Name Gets a fully qualified type name using PHP syntax.
RelativePath For PHP types, gets its original file location relative to the compilation root.
Type Gets the underlaying System.Type.
BaseType Gets the reference to the base type.
RuntimeMethods Gets a table of the type's methods and accessor to magic methods.
DeclaredFields Gets a table of the type's fields, properties and constants.
RuntimeFieldsHolder Gets a reference to the type's special field holding dynamic class properties. The field is of type PhpArray.