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PHP JavaScript interoperability#

Interoperability is an interesting part of integration. We are able to call JS from PHP and vice versa.

Calling JavaScript#

When we want to call the JS function, we just use prepared methods CallJsVoid or CallJs, which takes the method names, method parameters and calls the desired function for us.

    CallJsVoid("window.alert", "Hello from PHP script.");

Calling PHP#

We can also call PHP function when there is an instance of PhpScriptProvider or PhpComponent. We just call window.php.callPHP, which takes the function name and its parameter as JSON structure.

We can see an example of usage in the example below.

<p>Click and look at console output</p>
<button onclick="window.php.callPHP('CallPHP', { name : 'Bon', surname: 'Jovi'});">PHP</button>

function CallPHP($data)
    $json = json_decode($data); 

    echo "Hello ". $json->name . " " . $json->surname .  " from PHP\n";