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PeachPie Nightly Builds#

The latest build of PeachPie is always available on our AppVeyor feed. The build is annotated as a PreRelease version.

Register Package Source#

Add the following NuGet feed source:

Either on command line:

dotnet nuget add source -n peachpie-appveyor

Or create the NuGet.config file in the root of your project:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <add key="peachpie-appveyor" value="" />

Use the Nightly Build#

Then the latest build has to be used by PHP projects. Edit the .msbuildproj project file and update the PeachPie packages version to the latest AppVeyor version. The version number can be found on

<Project Sdk="Peachpie.NET.Sdk/1.0.0-appv4625">

    <Compile Include="**/*.php" />


In this sample, we are using version 1.0.0-appv4625.

Note, if you reference any other Peachpie packages in other projects, it is recommended to use the same version across the entire solution.