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Welcome to, the home of the PeachPie documentation for developers. Check out the get started section to jump straight to using PeachPie, or dive into the more advanced topics, such as the .NET reference and API reference.

Migrate PHP code to .NET Core

The very first step is to get your PHP code running on .NET. Follow the get started and the PHP guide overview topics to create a project and build it as a .NET library. This should give you an overview of using the MSBuild project file, migration tips, the compatibility status and introduce you to working with the project in Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code.

.NET interoperability reference

In order to benefit from PHP code built as a .NET library, take a look at how to connect a C# project with a PHP project. The section .NET reference provides a documentation on how to pass variables or objects, call methods, share session data, instantiate classes, extend classes etc. between C# and PHP.

API reference

The project provides a lot of internals that can be used to drive the PHP code life cycle or to implement your own high-performance extensions in .NET. Follow the API reference for more information.

Samples, Tutorials, Scenarios

See our scenarios for real world use cases, specific code samples and hints on how you can benefit from the project.

If you want to understand the objectives and benefits of PeachPie, browse the about section, where you can find the motivation behind this project.