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Diagnostics reference#

The compiler performs several passes of code analysis during the build process. As a result, it may end up with a list of diagnostics each corresponding to a location in the source code. The following list describes the error codes and possible solutions on how to fix them.


The warning diagnostics can be turned off by setting a build property. See NoWarn Property for more information.


Code Description Reason
PHP1015 Abstract private method declared Abstract method was declared as private. Such a declaration is not allowed since it couldn't be implemented.
PHP1037 Abstract final method declared Abstract method was declared as final. Such a declaration is not allowed since it couldn't be implemented.
PHP4041 Too many user strings The .NET assembly limits how much text can be contained. This error might happen when compiling a large PHP project; split the project into parts to work around this issue.
PHP4042 Not yet implemented The feature is not yet supported by PeachPie.
PHP4043 Circular base class dependency The class or interface inherits itself.
PHP4044 Type name cannot be resolved The base type of a class or an interface needs to be known in compile time. Otherwise the module cannot be compiled.
PHP4046 Call to a member function on a non-object The expression before the -> operator results in a non-object value. Such a call is not allowed.
PHP4048 Cannot instantiate specified type. A type is an interface, abstract class, trait or a static class and cannot be instantiated. Using new operator would fail.
PHP4049 Not a trait. Only trait types can be used within class's use statement.
PHP4052 Cannot re-assign $this $this variable cannot be modified.
PHP4053 Cannot declare a return type The specified function must not have a return type hint. This is not allowed. __construct, __destruct, __clone always return void.
PHP4054 A void function must not return a value. A function with the void return type cannot return a value.
PHP4061 not in the 'loop' or 'switch' Use of break or continue does not make any sense outside of for, foreach, while or switch blocks.


Code Description Reason
PHP0125 Mandatory parameter behind optional A default value of the optional parameter will never be used, because a mandatory parameter follows.
PHP0171 Magic method must be public and non-static Non-public or static modifiers are not allowed for the specified method.
PHP0181 Using & new has been deprecated. This is a common code pattern in PHP 4 applications. The & operator before new can be safely removed since all the objects are passed by reference anyways since PHP 5. Since PeachPie 1.0.1, this operator is ignored, having no effect.
PHP5006 Undefined function There is no such function declaration in the project or in the referenced libraries.
PHP5008 Undefined type There is no such class declaration in the project or in the referenced libraries.
PHP5010 Ambiguous declaration The base of the type declaration is ambiguous; this results in the emission of multiple definitions, a significant run time overhead and an unnecessarily larger resulting assembly file.
PHP5011 Unreachable code The code is unreachable. This is based on code analysis and dead code elimination analysis.
PHP5014 Too many arguments Function expects less arguments than provided. Not used arguments will be evaluated and ignored.
PHP5015 Missing mandatory arguments Function expects more arguments than provided. Missing arguments will be filled with a default value.
PHP5016 Assert always fails The condition of assert() is evaluated to always be false, hence assert() will always throw an exception.
PHP5018 The function has been deprecated Calling a function that has been marked as deprecated; either it is annotated with [ObsoleteAttribute] metadata or it is a known deprecation by the compiler.
PHP5019 The expression is not being read The expression does not have any effect if it is not assigned to a variable or passed as a parameter.
PHP5020 Assignment made to same variable The expression does not have any effect, it is usually a typo in the source code.
PHP5023 Cloning of non-object The operand might be a scalar type or a non-cloneable object. This might result in an exception.
PHP5026 Missing the call of parent::__construct() Class constructor should call its base constructor.
PHP5029 Method __toString() must return a string value Value returned from __tostring() method is not a string value. This is a fatal error at run time.
PHP5031 PCRE pattern parse error Provided regular expression is invalid and will fail to parse.
PHP5032 Type is already defined The type name (class, interface, or trait) is already defined. This definition won't be used, and may cause a fatal error at run time.


Code Description Reason
PHP6001 Eval discouraged Use of eval() is not recommended; it allows for suspicious and dangerous code injections and causes significant overhead to the .NET runtime.
PHP6003 Wrong letter case in class name Specified class name does not match exactly the declared class name.
PHP6005 Wrong letter case in function override Overriden function name does not match it's parent name. This causes an unnecessary emitted stub and override in CLI metadata.