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WpDotNet is the unmodified WordPress, running compiled purely on .NET, provided as a NuGet package & ready to be used as a part of an ASP NET Core application. WpDotNet comes with additional components and features, making it easy to be used from C# and a .NET development environment in general.

The project does not require PHP to be installed, and is purely built on top of the .NET platform.


Make sure you have valid credentials to your MySQL server and you have created a database in it. The following quick start expects a database named "wordpress". Database charset "UTF-8" is recommended.

Quick Start#

The sources of a demo WordPress application are available at

Open or create an ASP NET Core application, version 3.0 or newer.

Add a package reference to "Peachpied.WordPress.AspNetCore" (note it is a pre-release package):

dotnet add package PeachPied.WordPress.AspNetCore --version 6.3.1-rc-016

Add the WordPress middleware within your request pipeline, in the Configure startup method:

public partial class Startup
    public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app)
        // ...
        // ...

Add the WordPress option service within the ConfigureServices startup method and set up your database connection and other options:

public partial class Startup
    public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
        services.AddWordPress(options =>
            options.DbHost = "localhost";
            options.DbName = "wordpress";
            // ...

Note: the recommended approach is to place the configuration within the appsettings.json configuration file. See configuration for more details.


Besides regular WordPress dashboard pages, WpDotNet adds an informational panel on the Dashboard Home page, within the At a Glance widget.

WpDotNet At Glance

The panel provides information about the current .NET runtime version, consumed memory, or total CPU time spent in the whole application. Note that the values are reset if the process is restarted.


Go to the At a Glance panel in the WordPress Dashboard. The current registration information is displayed next the to License: label.

  • Register opens a dialog to enter the e-mail you provided when purchasing your subscription, or the license key we issued if you have a custom build.
  • Purchase opens the web page where you can buy your WpDotNet subscription.

The registration is bound to the host name of the domain you are running WpDotNet on.


You can use WpDotNet with all of its functionality without purchasing a subscription, but your pages will include a small watermark. To remove it, please register your WpDotNet subscription.


  • Permalinks are implicitly enabled through the URL rewriting feature.
  • WordPress debugging is implicitly enabled when running in a Development environment.
  • When running on Azure with MySql in App enabled, the database connection is automatically configured.
  • Response caching and response compression are enabled by default.
  • Most of the original .php files are not present on the file system and cannot be edited.